Altoona, Iowa, USA; May 17, 2008

Name: wes

Date of Event: 5/17/08 9:05PM

Location of Event: near Altoona Iowa Wal Mart

Message: I was at work, and my boss made me run to the store, to get a part for a vacuum cleaner. I got in my car and drove west to a wal mart we have located downtown, and on my way I noticed a huge object with four white lights on the bottom. This thing was probably eight thousand feet up or lower this object was very low! and was going from west to east slowly. The lights it had were not in a row they were not aligned they were fairly bright, and couldn’t determine a shape. The lights were still, and weren’t flashing or pulsing.

As I watched this craft it started to ascend, and by this time I was in the wal mart parking lot. The object started ascending after watching it for about four minutes it was no longer very low, and after a while it just faded away! Now it is crystal clear tonight, and this thing just disappeared into thin air! Very strange stuff Lou!

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