Lafayette, Louisiana, USA; March 22, 2008

Name: Terence Mulmore

Date of Event: March 22, 2008 around 6:45 to 7:30 pm.

Location of Event: Lafayette, La

Message: I think for I may have for the first time seen a UFO. I was outside looking in the sky after feeling strange. I carefully watched the bees and the birds around the apartment as I thought thought I was possibly hallucinating. Then as I was thinking “I wonder what the sky is looking and feeling so strange for” I instantly zoned into a moving like… black dot almost as soon as it came into sight…like it wanted me to notice it at that exact time.

And even in my unsurety I knew what it was because that’s what I had been thinking about. I could feel what it was. It geva me the exact definite by it’s zig zagging like you see on domentaries or sighting reports. It was like it knew I was there and I was just saying “but I wanna see one” and then something else seem to have flown out from behind it. So I thought it must be a bird but I couldn’t take my mind or eye off the first dot.

The second one came out of the left and moved out and what made me know it wasn’t a bird or birds was it merged back with the first dot like it was never there and never showed back up. Then while [I’m] in question it started to make its disappearance. It started flying behind a the trees and I could see it faintly enough to know it was still there but it was gonna leave. I kept watching the sky and I think I saw it again. Mysterious…

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