Versailles, Kentucky, USA; April 21, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: April 21, 2008 around 11:15pm

Location of Event: Versailles, Kentucky – Southern Woodford County

Message: While returning home from an out of town trip, I noticed two (BRIGHT AND LARGE) stars hovering below the brightly lit moon. While driving they seemed to be still and that is why I thought they were stars. When I came to a stop sign, with no one behind me, I took my time there. I rolled my window down to see that they were moving, not stationary.

They flew toward each other in a straight line and before they came together completely, they quickly turned and headed in opposit directions. They did this several times. I don’t believe these were planes because there were NO blinking lights. Just very bright. This creeped me out so I rolled my window up and when home. I was just wondering if anyone else may have seen anything simular to this in this area? Thanks.

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