Reevesville, South Carolina, USA; May 20, 2004

Name: Penny Simkins

Date of Event: May 20th 2004
exactly 9:05 pm

Location of Event: Reevesville, South Carolina

Message: This is one little ole report from many that has occured right here on our land,”sweet country living” in reevesville, South Carolina, we are about six miles from St. George.

My husband went to bed just minutes before 9 pm., at 9 pm. I went out to the back  to water a tree we had recently planted.

Just within 5 minutes a voice entered my head and said …  TURN AROUND……I did, hose in hand I turned around, the very moment I turned around everything in the dark of the night lit-up the purest, brightest lime green color, everything, the ground all of the space-air space was this very bright lime green.

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