Nampa, Idaho, USA; May 24, 2008

Name: Sean

Date of Event: 05/24/2008

Location of Event: Centenniel Golf Course, Nampa, ID

Message: At about 2:30 pm Mountain time, my two buddies and I were golfing at Centenniel.  This UFO looked like a red plane.  puddle jumper or two seater type plane, not a 747.  BUT, it was pointing straight up in the air, just hovering.  I estimate it was 10,000 feet in the air.  Higher than the top of the local mountains, but not as high as a commercial jet.  There is an small-plane airport nearby, so we’re used to seeing the planes coming in and out of there… but this was not one of those planes.  It was gone after we watched it for about 15 minutes.

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