Jefferson City, Montana, USA; August, 2007

Name: Rebecca

Date of Event: August 07  close to midnight

Location of Event: Jefferson City, MT

Message: I had stepped outside for my ciggarette before bed, looking somewhat southwest towards Corbin and Wicks from Jefferson City; up above the mountains was a large bright white light, surrounding the light were four smaller lights all at different distances. These smaller lights would literally take turns swooping in at the large white light and return to a different spot away from the large white light.

I watched this for over an hour! All the time the large white light would slowly move back and forth while the smaller lights would swoop in and back again towards it. Now, i have never been one to think much about what could be out their besides what’s on out planet, but after that night and knowing nothing can move as fast or in different directions like that, now I’m certain we’re not all that exists out their.

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