Helena, Montana, USA; July, 2007

Name: Tamara

Date of Event: Somewhere inbetween July and August in 2007 around 10o’clock.

Location of Event: Helena, MT

Message: I was out working on my telescope when my mom goes, “Tamara what is that,” and I was like what do you mean, and I looked up. Right by the moon there was two dots passing by the moon. One was following the other, and the one leading was the biggest, and the one in the front was like two times bigger. Then like two days later I was walking my dog with my friend and I saw the same exact thing.

This time it was like qaudruple the size from when I saw it the other night. We watched it for a long time, there was absolutely no sound, and then all of a sudden the big one went out with the little one going out right after it. There was nothing there though once the light went out. This was even in the time where it was dark, but the sun was still putting out some light.

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