Pennsylvania, USA; March 24, 2008

Name: Ben

Date of Event: 12.45am

Location of Event: Pennsylvania

Message: I was taking my Staffordshire bull terrier dog for a late night walk which I always do every night. As I was walking up this hill through my residential street at about 1145am a bright white glowing cylinder light flew across the sky it caught me and my dog’s attention to look at it. When I witnessed the light it was about 15 feet above the house roof  top then shoot across the sky short distance then  zigzagged the other way into the sky vary fast.

When it zigzagged it seamed to take off faster then it was moving before and gave off a bright multi collared light sort of like a rocket would but made absolutely no noise. The event was about 3 seconds long. I then got out my cell phone right away incase I saw the strange light again I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t see it again! It was very strange and I really would like to know what I saw. It was nothing like I have ever seen before. Makes me wonder maybe some day we will find out if it wasn’t natural.