Panama City Beach, Florida, USA; March 28, 2008

Name: Brenda

Date of Event: march 28 08

Location of Event: Panama City Beach FL

Message: Was on the way home about a mile from my house I live off of back beach  rd there  a few power line (towers) on this rd my husband notice the lights first look that weird he said what i   notice 2 hugh  lights oval shape lights not moveing just hanging in the air within 4 or 5 hundred feet from the power tower power tower has a red light on  top  white light middle ways on the tower this u.f.o. was about in the middle it was about 7;30 p.m. clouded that night had been rain  but had stoped.

went we got closer to it I BENT MY HEAD to get a better look i notice it was big front had  big blade in front of it spinning with the 2 hugh light right under the blades as i looked at it just turn off the light and then I saw two small orange light then it was gone.

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