Littleton, Colorado, USA; October, 2007

Name: L

Date of Event: October 2007 4:55AM

Location of Event: Littleton,Colorado USA

Message: I went outside to look at some owls that had perched on top of were I live, and was getting ready to go inside when I saw a bright orange light out of the corner of my right eye.

At first I just thought it was a airplane,but as it got closer I could tell this was NO AIRPLANE. It was very long, solid and bright orange. It was flying West to East over the area near Bowles Ave. It wasn’t too far up in the sky either,maybe about the same as most helicopters would fly but this was no helicopter either.

I tried to tell myself that this was just a comet, but it didnt have the type of tail that a comet has, this thing was solid,and flew in a perfect straight line. As it flew out of sight it was like watching tail lights from a car going off in the distance. This all lasted about 2 minutes.

Like I said I tried to tell myself this was a comet but it doesnt look like any comet pictures that Ive seen in books of on the internet!

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