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Name: anonymous

Date of Event: A Sunday early September in 2007

Location of Event: Jacksonville, Alabama

Message: It was a Sunday afternoon in September or 2007.  I’m thinking it was the Sunday after Labor day but it might of been the next Sunday.

My son wanted to go into town and eat.  I had this strange feeling that we should stay home for just a while longer but he was saying he was hungry.  We went into town as we were in town the sky clouded up and it poured down rain.  Rain was not in the forecast but it was a blessing.  We came out of the taco bell and looked up to the sky a double rainbow could be seen.  The strange thing about the rainbow was both ends of both rainbows could be seen touching the ground.

I stopped to get cigarettes at the wal-mart gas station everyone in line was commenting on the rainbows.  We left thinking we had seen the most amazing site in the world.  Little did we know it wasn’t in a few minutes we would see a sight that amazed us and still puzzles us to this day.

We headed out of Jacksonville by the road that goes by the high school.  We stopped at the stop sign by the high school.  I looked up above the tree line and saw something I thought was unusual.  The skys had cleared off and the sun was shining way up high were two shapes.  They looked like shining giantic stars.  I told my son to look at them he asked what they were.  I said I don’t know.  We continued out of town taking old broadwell mill road.  I kept watching through the trees to see if we could still see them.  We came to Cedar Springs Drive and turned down the road.

We could still see the two shining objects in the sky.  In my mind I kept saying its impossible for them to be stars.  When the sun is shining you can not see the stars even though they are up there.  They were still up in the sky as we pulled into our drive.  We both ran into the house me to get my camera and my son to get his telescope.  He was determined to find out what they were.

I was only in the house long enough to open the door run in and get my camera off my desk.  I got back outside and they were both gone.  My son came out at this time.  I told him they were gone.  As I was telling him this two military planes started circling in the same area.  I looked at him and said I guess we weren’t the only ones that saw them and didn’t know what they were.  The jets circled for over a half hour in the area.  I watched the papers and listened to the news nothing was reported.

Another interesting thing I noticed since I keep having a habit now of looking up in the sky in that direction is tha for 3 Sundays afterwards at almost exact same time they showed up that Sunday two military jets would come circle for an hour then leave.

I had a strange feeling they would come come back.  I was googling and found this link.  When I saw the person had seen something in Jacksonville this January I felt compelled to tell what we had seen.  Whites gap road is not that far from me.  I have to wonder why Jacksonville twice in so short of time period.

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