Stevensville, Montana, USA; April 13, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 10:20 pm April 13th, 2008

Location of Event: West of Stevensville ,Montana over the Bitterrot Mountains. From Saint Mat’y Peak to down by Gash Peak

Message: First sighted at about 10:20 PM ON April 13th. My neighbor came knocking at my door asking me to come look at something strange. The first thing I saw was a bright light in the sky above mountains. Moving slowly over Gash peak. It is hard to explain exactly what it looked like. The best thing I can think of is like a bright star. It was not a plane or anything like that. It moved toward Gash Peak then stayed there for I would guess 40 min. then moved west and we could no longer see it.

At this same time there were several other objects very similar. They were just above St Mary’s peak. I have a hard time trying to explain this, I have no idea if what I am saying makes any sense. I did go back in and get my video recorder and tape much of this. When I say they were over the peak of the mountain I use that as a reference point of location. These objects were not close. Not like a plane or anything like that. It was very hard to judge them in the black night sky.

It was really hard to figure how far out they were. My video camera set on 800 zoom could only show them as some form of light. So that would mean they were way out, and the light must have been very bright for use to see it. They changed color from blue to red to white. Faded to where you could almost not see them, then got so bright you could see them very clear. The three over saint Mary’s peak stayed in the same area for the whole time. I am guessing over 2 hours! them they left.

It looked like they dropped behind the mountain, but they could have just went west and it probably would appear that they were dropping? At one point three of them were very close in a line then formed a triangle. At one point what looked like a shooting star shot right by where they were. Almost like it came from one but it was so fast it was hard to say for sure. Some strange weather conditions happened, at one point we (my wife 15 year old daughter and neighbor all felt the temperature drop.

Within minutes. Then some clouds came out of no where. with in a ten minute time frame. Directly from north to south. That is not normal here. Then a very large black rain cloud formed very close to us. White like a regular cloud on the edges and very dark in the inner area. It stopped moving when it got out in front of us. Like the wind just died out, and after about 15 minutes it just dissipated and was gone. VERY VERY STARNGE STUFF! I have never in my life seen anything like this.

My neighbor talked with a business friend up north of here (about 2 miles) and he saw the lights also. I also will add shortly after the lights were gone and we were inside we heard a very loud helicopter coming. At this point it was 1:50 am. I went to the door and we (me and my two older daughters) stepped out. This chopper was just above tree top level and was really moving. It had a blinking red light on its front, one on the rotor, a green glow or light by the cockpit or in it (hard to say it was moving so fast and I was having a hard time believing what I was seeing) Something was hanging from the bottom with lights.

It appeared to us, each skid had something hanging from it, like a 10 foot something. with 2 red lights on each string. in the center under the chopper was a white light. not a spot light, but bigger than a marker light you see on planes. the chopper was headed south east over HWY 93. In a line from Bass creek to Hamilton. I have seen many choppers and slurry bombers (fire fighting planes) fly over here. Life flight flies over all the time. This was nothing in any way like that.

I headed over to my neighbors and he said it was gone by the time he got to the door. He got out a note pad and we started writing everything we had seen. At 2:19 am We heard the chopper again. We ran out and saw it fly back over. Again very low. Slower this time. It was headed right back the way it had come from the first time, toward Bass creek. This chopper was so low I have to think it was flying below the legal limit. Especially for 2 am.

My wife said if we had been sleeping, we it would have woke us up and we would have been wondering what was going on. I agree. VERY strange. I know a little about helicopters and this one after thinking about the sound it made, it seems like it was a small one. Maybe like on of those little birds? It was VERY loud. I heard it coming a ways off in the distance. Maybe it is not related to the other lights we saw. It did come just a short time after the other lights left, and I have NEVER seen anything like it before.

That is the short side of it. I have left many things out. I do not know if this is Home Land Security, or a black op tied in with Corixa labs in Hamilton. There have been a lot of strange things down there I hear. They are on of the most top secret Gov. labs in the world. I really do not want to get locked up by the .GOV people for tipping of anything they are doing. I have been looking around on the web and came across this site. I wish there was an place with an address where I could send you this tape to see for your self. I will check back later and see if you post contact info.

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