McCammon, Idaho, USA; April 15, 2008

Name: Derek Evans

Date of Event: April 15, 2008. 9:00 P.M.

Location of Event: McCammon, Idaho

Message: Driving home on old hwy 91. Seen a single bright light in the ski. If i had to gues how high prolly about 500 feet in the air. As I was driving it appeared the Light was hovering down and near my vehicle. So I flipped a yoyi and Drove back toward McCammon. As I about a mile back to the Town It was following me. and As soon as I reached the town. (Near the church on the South entrence of McCammon.

It flew over my car. It still seemed to be a couple hundred feet in the air. As it flew over my car I could see the bottom of the UFO. It had 3 lights in the form of a triangle. It flew over my car. then in a matter of seconds dissapeared out of sight. I have no Idea waht it was. I am certain that it was not a Helecopter or an aiplane.