Carleton, Michigan, USA; March 10, 2008

Name: Sean

Date of Event: Monday March 10, 2008 — Approximately 6:30am

Location of Event: Michigan – On I-275 near the mile marker 4. Near a large greenhouse and the rest area that is on the southbound of the freeway.

Message: I saw an object about the length of a large school bus, yet oblong in shape (like a football) it was a light blue with a light at the nose. Just a single non-blinking white light. It was flying about twice as fast as a passenger airliner flies when they land. It was not flying as a landing though, it was flyin at an arc; so much so that it MUST have hit the ground at greater than a 45 degree angle, yet I saw no explosion, and no wreckage of any kind.

It was still before sunrise and the large greenhouse was in the backdrop of the object making the sky glow a yellowish tint. I was absolutely amazed because I did not see any evidence of a crash, so it must have pulled up. I know it was not an airplane, because the shape was very obvious against the backdrop light of the greenhouse, and there was only one white light on the noe of the craft. VERY EXCITING!!!

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