Versailles, Kentucky, USA; November 9, 2007

Name: Charles S.

Date of Event: 11:30 PM 11/9/07

Location of Event: Versailles, KY (Close to Frankfort)

Message: I want to report this. I had never seen “anything” until a few nights ago. Three friends and I were saying our goodbyes, smoking cigarettes, after we watched some MMA DVD’s.

We were all outside, smoking, and kicking a football around with my black lab, Addriane. This dog LOVES balls and loves it when you kick them. She is extremely attentive when playing ball. So, randomly, she brought the ball back one time, and looked STRAIGHT UP into the sky. I mean STRAIGHT UP! She stared for about 5 seconds, and went back to her ball.

We all looked to see what the hell she saw, and then we saw it too. A circular shape, almost shadow-like. We thought at first it was a low-hanging cloud, but skies were clear that night. Furthermore, this thing didn’t move for twenty minutes. After a minute or two of gazing, we noticed two smaller ones (whatever this was) thus making out a triangle shape. The best way to descripe how it looked was a circular shadow that was almost brown against the dark blue sky. Very visible–my dog saw it, and for some reason, she noticed it out of nowhere.

So, that’s it. We stared at these things creeped out for about twenty minutes. Pictures didn’t come out well. My friends left, and I went inside. I got my video cam charged and came out 10 minutes later to find the things gone.

Now I believe.

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