Jacksonville, Alabama, USA; January 3, 2008

Name: Brooke Harris

Date of Event: January 3,2008

Location of Event: Jacksonville, Alabama

Message: A friend and I had just picked up her 2 daughters from her dad’s house at 8pm. We were driving down Whites Gap road when we saw 4 red lights in a row just above the tree lines. Since my friend & I used to live on this road,we knew that it wasn’t a house or tower. It was only about 40-50 feet away from us. I wanted to stop,but it scared the kids so badly that we just kept going.

The next night we drove back up there without the kids to see if we could see it again. This time,nothing.

Even though it was dark out, we could just barely make out a saucer shape. The lights were all red and seemed to pulse a bit. If we could have seen all the way around it, I think the whole of the ufo would have been circled in lights.