Concord, New Hampshire, USA; February 18, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: monday 2/18/08 7:30pm

Location of Event: concord nh

Message: Okay so this just happend, and i am not one to belive in ufo’s untill now. I standing outside my work taking a break. I looked up into the sky and i saw two lights (not planes) in the sky. I wondered if they were event lights at first then i noticed they were not making the same motions continusly. They were very close to eachother.

I watched for awhile, well unitll i got freaked out.I went back inside. After about ten mintues ir so i was wondering if they were still there so i went back outside and they were but this time circuling a diffrent area of the sky. I used to think people who had “sightings” were seeing things but boy was i wrong, i belive.

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