Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; May, 1994

Name: Tracy

Date of Event: May 1994

Location of Event: Chattanooga, TN

Message: Leaving my senior prom,about 11 p.m., my date and I were driving over Market St. Bridge and saw a set of three lights in a triangular pattern. We had not been drinking so our minds were clear. The radio was on and there were several callers on the radio asking if there was a weather balloon or other low flying aircraft in the area but Lovell Field Airport had reported nothing in the area.

The lights moved in an irregular pattern, seemingly darting back and forth, not a common flight patter nor anything like a helicopter. One second they were here and the next a little over then almost back where they were to begin with. It was really weird. Undoubtedly, there were others who saw it too as there were numerous callers calling in on the radio. I am not saying it was a UFO but I am definately not saying it wasn’t.

Being an Earth and Space Science major, I have learned to question everything, believe some things, and ignore nothing. There IS a logical explanation, and if it were a UFO, then I would be happy just knowing it. I have always hated not knowing.

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