Altoona, Iowa, USA; January 31, 2008

Name: Wes nixon

Date of Event: 1/31/08 10:30

Location of Event: Altoona Iowa

Message: Another strange ufo appears in my area again i was driving home from Dmacc the ankeny campus and i was close to the Altoona city limits when all of a sudden this bright white flashing light caught my attention the object was heading north at a medium speed it was flashing pretty fast the object then changed directions and started to head south while it was the flashing light died out then the object started to glow red it then switched directions again and started heading west and it started to descend and it was picking up speed it flew over the road i was traveling on i looked up at it and the object looked tilted but i don’t know its exact shape it was weird the object was in sight for about five minutes i don’t know whats going on but ufos are appearing more frequently around my area

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