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Name: Doug Sepic

Date of Event: September 21, 2007 @ 1:30 AM

Location of Event: Scottdale, Pennsylvania

Message: In Scottdale, PA, in the early morning hours of Friday September 21, 2007 (at approximately 1:30 AM), my two friends and I witnessed an unusual object in the northern sky.

As we were trying to get into my car (I had locked the keys in it) I happend to look up, and directly in front of me were two bright balls of white light in the northern sky. My first thought was that it was a low flying plane flying toward me (and that those were just large “headlights” on the wings). But I realized that the lights were not traveling toward me (like a plane flying directly at me), but rather the lights were moving left to right (southwest to northeast) across the sky.

I would estimate that the objects were flying at about 5,000 to 10,000 feet and traveling somewhat faster than a conventional mid-size aircraft, but not traveling at a supersonic speed. There was nothing in terms of any “object” visible just the lights themselves. In other words, it did not appear as though the lights were attached to anything. And there were no other lights of any color present.

The lights stayed the same distance apart from one another and stayed in line, relatively perpendicular with the ground. Each object had an identical “tail” which i would describe as a faint triangular white mist (which was not as bright or visible as the balls of light themselves). The light to the left was partially in the tail of the light to the right.

There was also a very faint and slow “wooshing” sound as the lights passed by (like a quiet fan).

I watched the lights travel to the northeast, away from me, for about 10 seconds — until my view was blocked by other buildings and trees.

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