Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, USA; November 29, 2007

Name: Nicolle Welch

Date of Event: 9:30 PM Central

Location of Event: Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Message: As I was driving home I noticed a light in the sky switching sides of my car. I was of course driving on the interstate going straight, but this object kept moving. So, I started following it. (My family and friends have all witnessed things in the sky recently while with me.) The light put off a red and blue flicker, almost like a strobe light….but moving around every time it would blink.

I called a couple of my friends and they all witnessed it as well from Hermitage,Tn. When I got home I got my mother to look at it and she is a huge skeptic, but she couldn’t even explain what it could be. I had to see if people around Tennessee are witnessing this. Im glad this comment board is here.

Nicolle Welch

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