Burkeville, Virginia, USA; October 4, 2007

Name: Cheryl

Date of Event: October 4, 2007

Location of Event: Burkeville, VA (45 minutes west of Richmond, VA)

Message: My daughter and I were sitting on our porch talking around 7:00 p.m. (at about dusk).  Our house faces the southeast, and we live in the country (14 miles from town and 50 miles from a big city).  The weather was fair and the sky was party cloudy.  Just before this happened, there were no commercial aircraft directly in view.

My 12-year-old daughter saw something unusual in the sky, to the southeast, and asked me what it was.  I watched for about 30 seconds, sure I could come up with a reasonable explanation (yet pretty curious because I didn’t know what it was).  I saw 5 bright red lights (diamond-shaped), which were spaced at equal distances apart and flashed in sequence from right to left (like a strobe light).

After each sequence was complete, the object would move and appear in a different part of the sky.  I use the term “object” very loosely, as we could not see the object’s profile nor did it make any noise.  Although its movement seemed jerky and unpredictable, the flashing lights were always in a straight line, as if the lights were attached to something straight, but the object was moving in a zigzag pattern.

Not sure what I was seeing, I called for my son (very much a skeptic and someone who always has an explanation for everything) to join us outside.  When he looked toward the sky, he responded with “What the flying hell is THAT?!”  He had no idea what he was seeing, and no explanation.  We watch the sky for about 5 minutes, as the object blinked and moved erratically across the sky toward the northwest.

The lights never changed colors or patterns, except in the way the object(s) moved.  Whether in, or out of, cloud cover, we could clearly see the lights — but never a shape.  The span across, from light to light, was MUCH WIDER than anything I’ve seen before.  I have watched commercial aircraft, helicopters, and various types of military aircraft fly over our farmland for the past 5 years, and I’ve never seen anything that could explain this.

Even fighter jets, when they play war games over our farm, are easy to see, move somewhat predictably, and make a lot of noise.  These lights were silent.  No noise whatsoever. The lights never changed color or shape.  There were no other lights, as you would expect to see on a commercial airplane.

As the object(s) moved further northwest, and nearing the end of my visibility, I saw three red lights in a V pattern, but I didn’t get to watch long enough to determine whether the original object was changing shape or if other(s) joined it.  If the lights I saw changed shape from a straight line into a V, I would have to wonder what happened to the remaining lights.  Within seconds of losing sight of this “object” or the lights, the sky was, once again, filled with commercial aircraft (and the noise you would expect them to make).

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