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Name: Doris Wenrich

Date of Sighting: Nov. 30, 1998 at sunset

Location of Sighting: South of Corbin, VA on Rt. 2

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Between a sideways diamond and a sideways oval.

Size(s) of UFO(s): Large, stationary, right above trees

Color(s) of UFO(s): Brushed metallic silver, with a whitish silver glow from itself

Number of UFO(s): only the one

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Appeared close to the trees, perhaps 350 feet up

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): It did not move for as long as we could see it, at least 15 to

Further Description of Sighting: On November 30, 1998, my husband and I were going to Fredericksburg, VA. He was driving and I was reading a book. We were on Rt. 2 and when we were almost at our (L) turn to go to I-95 at Thornburg, my husband said, “There’s your flying saucer!” I looked up and it was just sitting there above the trees and a couple of houses.

The shape of it was like the combination of a sideways diamond and a sideways oval. I wanted him to stop so that we could watch it and see what it would do, but he was afraid to stop.

I kept watching it and writing down everything about it so that I would not forget any of the details. It had no doors or windows, but it had white flashing lights at the top and the bottom that flashed with green ones at the two ends, These alternated with 4 red ones, two on top halfway between the white and green ones and two on the bottom like that, that did the same. It was like a ‘brushed metallic silver with light/glow from within. The sun had gone behind the trees so it was not a reflection on it from the sun.

Every time we had a clearing, or were on a hill it was still there. I saw it all the way to Thornburg and every hill on I-95 until we started descending, and then, because of the trees I could no longer see it.

A couple of weeks later I found that my camera was in the trunk; I could have gotten a picture of it! On the right side of Rt. 2 is A.P. Hill, a military base. I’ve wondered if it could be a secret military craft of some kind. Other people surly came north on this road like we did, and anyone driving would have seen it for sure; but I guess they didn’t report it, just as we didn’t.

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