Bergen, Norway; August 25, 2006

Name: Anonymous

Date: Night to 25.august 2006.

Location: Bergen, Norway



Went outside to take my last smoke before i should go to bed. saw a bright light in between the sky layers, they seemed to slide to the right “for me” several times. and then popped behind the skies. i checked the velocity of the skies, but they did not go that fast. by the way, to my right there where a massive dark cloud layer, like almost thunder clouds.

and to the left there where small dotted skies here and there. back to the happening. i was totally amazed by this and started looking even more intense and found several more lights that did just the same thing. when i looked at them they moved like in weightless movements to the right and sometimes to the left. and some even pulsated with the brightness and then disappeared.

when the pulsating started i got the impression that they tried to weaken my focus and then straight after they dissolved or went behind clouds. i sat like this for over an hour and spotted many moving bright lights. maybe about 10-12 different places. it might have been the same one messing around with me, hehe. anyway after that time i started looking over to the clear side (left of me) and found this big bright star in the middle of the open part there.

i focused on it and to my amazement i saw that it was moving to. and here i thought that the lights where playing around with me and had total control. anyway, it moved from side to side… and gave off some strange movement that seemed like a eye-trick.. like it was going up at 12oClock, and then smeared down again at the same position almost.

It did this some times and started slowly to climb higher at the skies. by that time i had to check out if this all was just a trick of the eye or if it really was happening. so i sat down on my knees and hands and tried to get it stabile over the corner of the porch-rail. as i did this it got really fast and moved at twice the speed. side to side, and climbing with that smear movement.

i could see clearly that it moved all over the place. also saw 2 faster moving objects that went with a oscillating (snakelike) movement over the skyline, but these could possible be dismissed as satellites, moving from north to south west. i was sitting out on the porch for 2 1/2 hours and looked at all the moving lights.

i even sat and watched the daylight come. this was not my imagination as my girlfriend told me later this morning.

p.s. i had clear vision of the space behind the skies and i could not see a star on the whole skyline.

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