Millsboro, Delaware, USA; January 3, 2008

Name: melanie

Date of Event: Thursday January 3, 2008

Location of Event: Possom Point Rd. Millsboro Delaware

Message: Last evening around 9:00 PM I was sitting out on my back deck with my two dogs. I was very cold but clear out. The stars were bright I knew this was going to be a good night for the meteor shower. I layed back on my deck to look at all the stars when out of the corner of my eye I saw what I had assumed were a flock of geese.

As the object got closer I was mesmorized by it’s size, the body of this craft blocked out the stars, it was triangle shaped and it drifted very slowly from the east to the west. there were three lights on this craft one at each wing tip and one at the nose tip. the lights were like nothing I have ever seen as they were dull sort of like hazed over not blinking as an airplane would. This craft made no sound and did not fly in the same air traffic direction as most other planes do.

This experience was very strange.

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