Chesnee, South Carolina, USA; January 25, 2008

Name: David N.

Date of Event: 1/25/08 Around 11:00 pm

Location of Event: Chesnee, South Carolina

Message: My brother (19) and I (17) were just coming home from the movies and we both saw something just sitting in the sky with red and yellow lights. There wasn’t too much clouds or anything to obstruct our vision. I just thought it was a helicopter so we just went on down the road. We still saw it sitting in the same place so we got a curious feeling it was something out of the ordinary.

My brother drove closer toward it and it still stood there in mid air. It was too close to the ground for us too believe it was a “hovering” plane. I opened the car door to see if I could hear it as if it were a plane or a helicopter. About 5 seconds later it started moving and it flew away towards Boiling Springs. It made a light hovering sound but not like you hear about in the movies.

It was lower-pitched. My brother told me the lights of the car when I opened the door probably scared it away because it never moved until i opened the door when we were like right under it. As it flew by I got a better glimpse of it. Ive noticed that it was an ovally diamond shape.

And for the record we live around a lot of cow pastures so maybe it was making crop circles or abducting cows. Just kidding, but my brother and I know what we’ve seen this night and it was not a plane. I’m not a narcotic druggie so there’s no way my eyes lied to me.

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