Cape Henlopen State Park, Lewes, Delaware, USA; July 18, 2007

Name: Ted B. Barrett JR

Date of Event: July 18, 2007/9:30pm

Location of Event: 2 miles off the coast of Cape Henlopen state park.

Message: 2 miles Out on the ocean on july 18 2007 my wife and I was looking at the stars on a clear and clam night about 9:30pm. When a round disk like UFO moving at very slow speed moved from west of land and out east to sea. The UFO had no sound at all that I could hear. It went over us and the bottom was translucent or mirrored the sky around it.

We watched as it blocked out the stars above us. The UFO 2 min later turned south moving along the coast line then moved at what seemed to be light speed. This UFO had no light any were on it. I was born in Delaware and lived on the ocean most of my life and in the past 20 years I have seen 4 UFO over the ocean.I have called the air force base and airports but they said they had nothing in that area on radar. Maybe later I will note here the others.