Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA; November 2, 2007

Name: Amy

Date of Event: Friday Nov 2nd 2007

Location of Event: Hillsboro NH

Message: Hi. I was reading one of your sites that lists sightings. i didnt notice WHERE to post so i got your contact info. I think you will find this interesting. Ive always believed in UFO’s. But there was always a part of me that doubted since i had never seen one. I still have never seen one. But my Husband did. He’s keeping hush about it because in all honesty it freaked him out too much and he doesnt want people to think he’s crazy.

My husband is a honest reliable person and would never ‘make up’ things. he doesnt drink nor does any drugs. He didnt even believe in UFOs up until that night, thats how much of a ‘rational’ person he is. Its crazy what he saw but after talking for hours about it, he saw what he saw and theres not rationalizing it. because your eyes CAN plat tricks, but your ears dont. and he saw and heard. so heres what he told me.

He was driving home from work. 2am. he works second shift. this was last friday night. He pulled off the exit to out small town. he drove and off to the right in a parking lot by a gas station he saw a really bright light. he said it looked like headlights on top of a lightpost. thats how low it was. it wasnt moving. just there. so he didnt think too much about it. maybe he just never noticed that street light before, so he drive up further and then the light is over on the other side of the car so hes like ‘what the heck???’

so he pulled over and turned off the car and got out and looked around. nothing. turned and there it was. right behind him. just lingering in the air. silent. no lights. then the lights went on, he said they looked like headlights. and it made a noise, he said he sounds liek a V8 (can you tel he’s a car guy?) and then it was gone. he got in the car and drove the other 2 miles to our house. He sat in the car for a few minutes thinking of what he saw, and determined that he just temporily lost his mind. so he got out of the car and the motion light went off.

so he walked out to the road away from the house and stood in the road and the motion light went off and there it was again. behind out house, just above the tree line. bright light and it didnt make the V8 noise until it started to move. He took out his Phone in hopes to get a picture, but when he flipped it open there were 2 black lines going down each side and it was frozzen, he couldnt do anything to it. Then when he looked back up it was gone, but he could see it wayyyy up in the sky.

Now this story coming from anyone else i would have my doubts. but there is no rational explanation. helicopters linger but are noisy and create a wind. planes move too fast even the hydro planes move , they dont linger in the sky. He literally had goose bumps for 2 hours. id like to hear what you think about this.


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