Birmingham, Alabama, USA; August 19, 2007

Name: Mark

Date: August 19th 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.

Location: Old Springville road above townhouses at Summersby complex Alabama Birmingham

Message: My wife and I were driving home on the night of August 19th 2007. We were driving on Old Springville road toward our home. We were passing by the summersby townhome community at approx 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.. My wife excitedly startled me and cried out “look, look”. Hovering above several townhomes, one in particular, was a very large elliptical object, with the appearence of two dinner plates stacked attop the other.

There appeared to be about four levels arranged in concentric rings, and there were rectangle shaped lights of verying brightness arranged around the perimeter of the craft. We were amazed, and I immediately drove into this neighborhood to get a closer look. After doing this we lost sight of the craft and it apparently had either manuvered away, or somehow cloaked itself.

I’m thinking the latter just because of the speed of its departure from our vision. he chilling fact about this sighting is that it is the second time weve seen it hovering in the same place. It really concerns me about the family in this vicinity and their safety. I wander if they have seen it or if they are completely oblivious to it?