Gray Hawk, Kentucky, USA; September 21, 2007

Name: Shannon

Date of Event: 09/21/07 8:30 p.m.

Location of Event: Gray Hawk, Ky

Message: I had seen this three times before near the blue grass army depot in Richmond, ky. Early this year. Me being the only eye witness every time, I never told anyone but my wife. She assumed I was seeing things until tonight when we were walking into the house I noticed just below the Big Dipper what I can only describe as a enormous looking orange looking star. My wife had just walked in the house so I yelled for her to come look.

The object set in the sky motionless for what had to be at least 2 minutes. She said it had to be a radio tower or something but I told her that there wasn’t one in that direction. AS she was starting to give up and go back in the house, it started to move. At first it was very slowly. It dimmed for ust a moment like it had turned it’s lights out but immediately lite back up. It then started moving at a pace that was comparable to an airplane.

That’s when she then said it must be a helicopter or something, but right after she said that it really started to pick up speed. in a matter of 19 seconds it had completely went from one side of the night sky to the other. There was other planes in the air to compare the speeds by. It probably went 3-4 times faster than any plane in the sky. As it left our sight it did start flashing like a plane generally would. Nothing expalns it setting still in one spot do long or the high rate of speed it left at. You could hear the sound of airplanes (jets) in the air form a distance but there was no load noises like a helicopter would make.

The other sightings I had were almost identical to this one except the fact that these objects would just turn off like a lightbulb. Everytime I have seen these it has been when I was driving up 421 towards Richmond, looking to the left of the Army Depot at 5:18 a.m. If you are out on a clear morning at this time around that area, take a look up and let me know if you see this as well.

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