Fernley, Nevada, USA; September 17, 2007

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 9-17-07 4:55 am to 6:45am

Location of Event: Fernley, NV

Message: My husband and I were outside feeding the animals and he called me and said” that is not a star.” To the east of our property(2 acres rural area few lights) was a very bright light in the sky, much bigger and closer than a star. The morning sky was very dark because of a low cloud cover. Very few stars were visible through the clouds. This bright light was below the clouds most of the time.

The light looked to be a triangle/diamond shape. During the first few minutes of the sighting there appeared to be a light radiating from the bottom of it and tiny lights flickering all around it and seeming to disappear into the light shining from the bottom. It looked as if there were lights (much like bright tracer lights)coming from the top of it. The light stayed stationary during the whole sighting.

My husband watched it for a few minutes and went to work. It was not visible from Reno. I watched it until it disappeared from my sight at 6:45 am. During the entire time I watched it, it would seem to fade and then became very bright. There were times a cloud would cover it. When this happened you could see the clouds illuminate brightly. Even when the sun came up I could still see it shining. When it was completely light out I didn’t see any more light just a silver boomerang like shape.

At approximately 6:45 am it just wasn’t there any more. I called my husband at work to let him know what was happening, I also called my neighbor, who saw it also.

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