Whittier, California, USA; 1989

Name: j bones

Date of Sighting: 1989

Location of Sighting: west rd. in whittier

Further Description of Sighting: I have a polaroid picture taken over west rd. in whittier 1989 of that same object
the story of how the picture was taken and how I got the picture is what is really crazy a friend of mine at the time lived in a trailer on property next to his moms house .

he went outside seen object had camera took picture object gone picture shows glowing red orange oval with small lump on top and bottom typical saucer shape take off and leave a trail of light that streeks across picture … a few years later not knowing about the picture I was walking into his back yard and got a very strange feeling to ask him if he had ever seen anything wierd in the sky and 20 mins later he produced the picture it was like i looked at the sky in the same area and had a feeling to ask him and he gives me a picture of what i was looking at but now has a ufo in the sky crazy TRUE 100%

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