El Paso, Texas, USA; 1955

Name: Ben Ulrich

Date: 1955; 13:00

Location: El Paso, TX

What did the UFO look like: The UFO was not as long as a cigar and not as short as an egg but in between the two as an oblong shape. Metalic in color. I did see any lights or wings just smooth and uniformly cyclinder.

Did the UFO do any strange things: The two UFO’s 2 were flying over El Paso going west towards the mountains. There speed was not abnormal compared to a jet. Several jets from Biggs Air Force Base,I believe F-86’s, took off towards the UFO’s catching up with them and all of a sudden the UFO’s took off leaving the jets as they were standing still.

The UFO’s got higher in altitude leaving a short vapor trail while the jets left a long vapor trail. The UFO’s speed was probable in the several thousand miles per hour. They continued going higher and heading west over the mountains until they disappeared. I never heard anything on the news or in the paper about the incident. This all happened while I was shooting basketball at school by myself. I have always wondered if anyone else saw this.