Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada; October 3, 2006

Name: Tessy

Location: Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Date: October 03, 2006

Message: Last night at approx 21:00 I was outside our home looking through a 4x magnification hand held Gen III Starlight Scope. While sharing the view of the skys stars with my wife, I saw some movement and focused the device as sharply as I could. To my astonishment I observed what appeared to be sort of a high altitude object that looked like a slightly flattened ‘W’.

Each leg of the ‘W’ had sort of a nacelle on it and the middle of the ‘W’ was slightly flattened and also incorporated a nacelle type of thing. The object appeared somewhat opaque. The nacelle type areas had a slightly brighter appearance than the rest of the body. I told my wife and went to pass her the scope but had to return to the image as it was going to become obscurred by some trees to the west of our home.

The object was moving west and was not extremely fast. I observed this object for about 50 seconds. With the naked eye you could not see the object at all. I am a retired aircraft mechanic, I am familiar with modern aircraft both civil and military. I have never seen such an object before, nor have i ever written anyone about a UFO sighting. Have you ever heard of an object as I have described?