Hermosa Beach, California, USA; December 10, 2009

Name: Justin

Date of Sighting: 12/10/09 -12/15/09

Location of Sighting: Hermosa Beach

Shape(s) of UFO(s): 3 separate objects

Number of UFO(s): many many

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): mostly all southbound

Further Description of Sighting: ok, so my girlfriend and I were up all night on sunday watching the meteor shower. Around 2:30 we noticed about 20 lights over the ocean kind of with this wabble that identified them as multiple objects.

THey moved fairly slowly inland and over palos verdes and vanished into the clouds over the hill. Now what we saw next was completely different. They looked like planes but they were silent and they were low enough to see without any lights.

Only the reflection of any lights from the ground lit the object to make it visible to be seen. Once again they were VERY low and there were 3 in a triangle formation. They were wabbling while in flight and went from hermosa to once again palos verdes within 10 seconds.

Completely silent with a low almost silent ocean tide. This incident occurred around 3:00 am.

Ok so the crazy thing is now my girl and I have sit on the roof for the past 5 nights for a couple of hours just kind of observing and 4 OUT OF 5 NIGHTS, WE’VE SEEN THE SAME OBJECTS!!!!!!! THE way these objects move in the air space is what makes my stomach knot up.

THey seem o be weightless and like pulled from a string. But They are not remote control not models in the sky. Some travel over palos verdes in seconds and others take their time. Some travel in a uniform straight line while others perform flipping maneuvers and kind of spazzing out.

I’m am almost 100% certain that ANY NIGHT OF THE WEEK IF YOU SPEND A COUPLE OF HOURS OBSERVING YOU WILL SEE THESE OBJECTS OVER HERMOSA BEACH. LAST night there were 17 my girl and I counted. I said to her I swear to god if we see a group of these things I’m gonna flip out.

Within an hour unlit clusters of round objects were flying directly over our heads and once again some were uniform and some appeared to be “messing around” in flight. These were all headed it seemed straight for Catalina.

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