Johnston, Rhode Island, USA; August 8, 2004

Name: joe

Date of Event: august 8th 2004

Location of Event: johnston rhode island

Message: i was sitting on my front porch over looking a intersection in front of my house 1st floor just hangin out with my brother and a couple of our freinds somthing cought my eye in the sky im like holy shit wat is that i can describe it in great details the craft was very bright due to the entry of our earths atmosphere it was coming straight towards earth it entered the atmosphere lowering getting brighter and brighter then it moved southern direction towards my house id say at 40000 feet or lower then it began to liek jump around back and forth turning into a blur

this is after it sat there for like 5 mins tops after it did this shifting move it took off at light speed like straight out of star trek shit it left a huge blue streek in the sky arching in a huge half circle i followed the blue streek untill it turned into a pin head size it was unbeilevable i watch the sky every clear night now ill never forget it non of those fake ass shity tv shows or pictures u see it was real plane as day in my opinion i think if it did not slow down in time it would have impacted earth maybe it was traveling so fast it almost hit earth and had to redirect its flight path !!!