Kailua, Hawaii, USA; August 13, 2007

Name: Yolanda O.

Date: August 13,2007, Monday evening just before 9 p.m.

Location: Henry St., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Message: I was driving to Lanihau shopping center just off Henry St. I had stopped on Henry St. heading Mauka (East) so my vehicle was stopped waiting to turn left to the shopping center.

Suddenly I saw a bright greenish blue ball object heading West to East. It had a tail that followed and a rounded head. It almost looked like a firework flare but it was up…way up in the heavens. I was hoping to see it head further. It seems to be traveling as a meteor does but slower, and easy to follow because of its brightness. Suddenly it sort of “poofed” and disappeared into the darkness but for a brief moment it left a small fragment of itself in the sky (maybe an even smaller one as well).

It was an amazing sight. Bigger than a meteor and slower. Bright and greenish/blue in color and then the “poof”.

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