Center Point, Alabama, USA; March 14, 2007

Name: Anonymous

Date: March 14, 2007/a little after 8pm.

Location: Sweeney Hollow Road, Centerpoint, Alabama.

Message: I was driving over to my friends house to hang out for a little while on a Wednesday night. After heading down S. Chalkville Rd., I went on to Sweeney Hollow Road. Once I was over the hill I turn left by a church to get there, this is where I saw a UFO just after 8pm. As I’m driving down this decline I look up and plainly see a craft flying low, just above the tree tops ahead of me.

It was so close and so unusual that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I stopped my car and just sat there and watched it fly overhead and over a residential area. I had to keep checking behind me quickly to make sure a car behind me didn’t hit me. As I watched it fly away, it looked very slim, with a bank of lights from the rear view.

When I first saw it, on its side, there was a distinct triangle shape, with one white light at the “nose” and three on the rear. I can’t remember if there were lights on the other two sides. It was some dark color, maybe black or dark grey. One other car passed me coming from the road on the left where I had to turn into. By that time, the craft was a good little distance away, but clearly visible.

So, the triangle shape got my attention. I always have my driver’s side window cracked to ash my cigarettes and to hear for any ambulances, firetrucks, etc. There wasn’t any sound whatsoever. It was on its side (bottom facing me) when I first saw it, it then just glided and straightened out, heading west. My car has a digital compass, so I know that its direction was correct. This area is a residential area, just off a major intersection.

Initially I thought it was an airplane, because that’s everyone’s point of reference. But once I saw the triangle shape and the other characteristics ( no engine sound, flying way too low and slow in a residential area and its unusual lights) I’m sure it was a real ufo. I thought, maybe it was one of the stealth aircraft because of its shape, but the other characteristics rule them out.

I looked them up online and they don’t fit what I saw that night. Those military craft have a wider triangle shape, this UFO had a narrower triangular shape. Two days later, my curiousity got the best of me and I called the sheriff’s department dispatch and mustered the courage to ask if anybody had seen anything unusual that night in the skies is how I first asked.

Then I asked if anybody reported a UFO in that area. The lady working dispatch that afternoon said no. Which leaves me alone in seeing such an amazing spectacle, which is great, I feel blessed. On the other hand, you can’t tell anybody or they’ll think your nuts. I’ve only told one person. It’s hard keeping something like that to yourself. I wonder about it all the time.

**I’m leaving out one very distinguishing visual feature of it because I’m interested if there were any other witnesses that night. If someone else saw it, they’ll be able to tell me what that unique feature was. I’m thinking there had to be others in that area that night who saw it. I’ve never seen anything like it and it was certainly something you couldn’t miss if you were outside that night.

Maybe someone was on their porch talking on a phone, smoking outside, grilling dinner…somebody else had to of seen it.

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