Bennington, Vermont, USA; August 17, 2007

Name: viki

Date: 08/17/07 at about 10:15pm

Location: in parking lot of applegate apartments, bennington, vt 05201

Message: me and my friend were just pulling into her driveway and we stop because we see what we thought was a large plan flying very low to the ground, heading towards our direction. when it got closer, we noticed it was a very large object that was shaped like a triangle. It had lights only underneath and it wasnt flying like a normal plane.

It looked like it was going kinda slow and hovering/floating. after it went passed us, it did a very sharp+quick u-turn and headed off in the direction of the mountains and just disappeared.

all i can say is that this didnt look like anything that i have ever seen. the way it looked, the way it flew and the way it turned, where all unique.

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