Wharton, New Jersey, USA; Summer 1978

Name: margerry

Date: summer 1978

Location: picatinny arsenal , wharton, n,j.

Message: I spotted a star in the sky in broad daylight. I was parked with several friends in a secluded part of town, Wharton,n.j. : which is located next to picatinny arsenal in n.j. I watched it for an hour or so before alerting my friends also in the car with me.

We watched it until night fall , when it started to do strange things , it shot to and throw and even seemed to follow us as I would go to town to drop of a hysterical friend ( over the ufo ) me and 2 other friends went back and watched until 3-4 am, I seen other ships shoot out of big ship and dance around it then shoot off and come back.

The last thing I remember of that night was that it passed over us and was huge metallic and triangular ,silent too. The next night I went back with 3 different friends and showed them the sight, we waited and it came back ,only this time these friends would not stay , they left in a panic. We never spoke of it again, except my first couple of friends said they remembered but, did not want to speak of it again.

More to it than just this but, this is the jist of it as I remember.

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