Wilmington, Delaware, USA; September 20, 2007

Name: susan

Date of Event: September,20, 2007 around 9:30 pm

Location of Event: Route 95 near Wilmington Delaware

Message: My son and I were driving south on rt.95 in Delaware and saw what appeared to be a plane very low in the sky, my first reaction was that it was going to crash into us or into the highway but then realized it was not moving, it was just still, hovering in the sky.

As we passed by it I tried to look up at it to see what it was and it was some sort of plane or aircraft but hard to describe, there were lights but only a few and what got me was that it was silent, no engine noise… it all happened so fast and since we were driving 80 miles per hour I could not turn around to examine what I just saw nor could I pull over. My son said it flew upward and to the left and then it was gone. Very bizarre to say the least!