Springfield, Massachusetts, USA; Summer 1982

Name: Jeffrey Olszewski

Date of Sighting: summer 1982

Location of Sighting: Springfield, MA USA

Shape(s) of UFO(s): geometric pattern, pentagon, hexagon ?

Size(s) of UFO(s): large approx 100-200 ft diameter

Color(s) of UFO(s): bright pulsing lime green light pattern

Number of UFO(s): 1

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: 1/2 mile (approx)

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): horizontal at first, then vertical quickly

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): n/a

Further Description of Sighting: I was standing at an intersection waiting to cross the street in downtown Springfield MA with a handful of other people. Above the Memorial Ave bridge appeared from the cloud cover a geometrical pattern of lime-green lights that hovered horizontally for approx. 30 sec. then moved very quickly vetically into the clouds.

The local newspaper reported that the police dept. had numerous calls of UFO sightings that evening. Those whom I was standing with all saw it. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have beleived my eyes. Its been so long that I don’t remember the exact date, but the Springfield Republican newspaper archives will show the exact date. Pretty cool experience. I don’t think that it could have been made by humans. If we had that technology back in the 80’s all of our current problems would’ve been solved by now IMHO.

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Contact Email of Witness: jjolsz@aol.com

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