Burlington, North Carolina, USA; September 22, 2007

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: Saturday, September 22, 2007

Location of Event: Burlington, NC – Alamance County Hwy 62 North Facing North Towards Danville, VA

Message: On Saturday, September 22nd at 11:00pm my husband and I were sitting on our back deck facing North – towards Danville, Virginia. We live on 62 North in Alamance County – North Carolina.

There was a very bright light in the sky that would go from very bright to almost fading away. It did not move like a plane or a helicopter.

We chose a reference point and it appeared to stay there. We got out a pair of high voltage binoculars and we could actually see a series of red and green lights flashing in a sequence and occasionally yellow would appear.

We watched it for about 2 hours. The night sky was very clear. When we looked at it in the binoculars the object appeared to move a little bit in a hovering kind of way.

We were so perplexed by this that we even called someone we knew to go out and look too. Last night we went out and looked and it was not there.