Franklin, Kentucky, USA; Late 1990s

Name: nick newland

Date of Event: late 1990’s

Location of Event: Franklin Kentucky

Message: I have seen many UFO in sky throughout the late 1990’s one time I spotted one while I was setting in my drive way I noticed a white light like a star it was moving and it was bright and would get dim and go bright so I flashed my car lights at it when I flashed my lights it would come to a complete stop then a minute would go by and it would move again so finally it just took off at an incredible speed so 5 minutes later a round glowing orange-blue ufo was just hovering bout 100 hundreds away and low in the air as soon as I looked at it the thing took off leaving a beautiful trail of colors it moved so fast that and I was so scared I ran in the house and jumped in the bed under the covers so scared I was crying because if they could move that fast they could be right beside me and I would even know.

I’ve also seen red light UFO’s fling together in v formation with stealth Fighters chasing them I saw so much strange things that I quit looking up at night

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