Alexandria, Alabama, USA; September 20, 2007

Name: Lori

Date of Event: September 20, 2007

Location of Event: Alexandria, Alabama

Message: witnessed a bright light in the southern sky moving in different directions. It started to sway back and forth then performing circles.It then would stop for 5-10 min. at a time. When it stopped it dimmed and right before it would move again it would get very bright. It remained in the same spot for over 2 1/2 hours. This happened for 2 nights now the light is not there.

There is also a Bright red light that has been showing up over the southwest side as well. this light stays for roughly 20 min. then it is gone. I have done research on how a satellite would move and neither of these lights do this. I have also contacted NASA about this and they told me to contact my local authorities.

When I did contacted my local authorities they then sent 2 uniformed officers to my house. One was not the nicest person in the world the other never admitted to seeing anything but acted different when it started to move again.

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