Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; September 12, 2007

Name: rob

Date of Event: 9/12/07 2:30pm

Location of Event: 20 minutes out of Vegas going on i-15 towards Los Angeles

Message: All i gotta say is i thought of many other logical options for the event which resemble a missile test with a very fast moving object at a very high altitude i grew up watching satellites in the morning and stars at night and this gave me the impression of being high above the atmosphere had a large meteor like trail and looked like it was coming downward towards earth.

My logical mind told me it was a missile or a meteor which would eventually burn before getting to earth however this object came out of the trail and stood still before disappearing that was a craft looking shiny round object which looked big too big to be remains of missiles

I’ve never seen anything like it no high altitude missile behaves like that