Maxwell, Nebraska, USA; January 3, 2008

Name: Eric

Date of Event: January 3, 2008 about 11:55 pm

Location of Event: Above maranatha bible camp just west of maxwell

Message: I was driving east from North Platte on I-80 and spotted a light in the sky as i approached Maxwell. I thought it was just a plane, but it was moving extremely slow. I caught up to it going 80 mph and when i was passing the camp, it wasn’t moving. It was just hovering over the interstate. I thought it was strange because i could tell it wasn’t very high but it still looked quite small.

This is the second time i’ve seen the same thing in the same spot. Both times i thought it was a plane until i got up close to it and drove underneath it as it hovered. I don’t know if it is a plane or helicopter or what, but i couldn’t identify it and i dont know why anyone would be flying around near that camp near midnight in the winter.

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