Garden City, South Carolina, USA; July 21, 2010

Name: sk

Date of Sighting: July 21

Location of Sighting: Garden city, S.C.

Further Description of Sighting: At about 10:30pm on July 21 from our beach front condo in Garden city, S.C. Three of us saw three or four red/orange lights appear in the south east sky over the ocean, forming a straight line in a horizontal position. I thought it was a jet coming into myrtle airport. The lights blinked a little and… as that happened a similar or same set of lights appeared below and to the right of the original ones, then the lights went out / disappeared (the appearance of the second set of matching lights seemed a little odd) Made for good conversation that evening though. It all happened in about 10 seconds. Wondered if anyone else saw them?

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