Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, USA; July 22, 2010

Name: matt

Date of Sighting: July 22, 2010

Location of Sighting: Murrells Inlet

Further Description of Sighting: hey guys. i saw them the very next night with my grandparents. it was right about dusk time and we were walking towards the beach when i looked up and saw a bright red light way out over the ocean. i immediately said “hey, what’s that?” the light then faded as another light appeared to the lower left of where the previous light was.

then another light did the same thing upper right from where the first one was. my grandpa is blind so he didn’t see anything and my grandma said it must’ve been an airplane, but it certainly was no airplane. the only thing i could possibly think of was maybe they were flares from a military exercise, but it was way up in the sky and the lights followed an unorthodox pattern.

the lights disappeared as soon as they came and i looked around the beach to see if anyone else saw them, but of course no one was looking up at the sky. this was my first ever what i’d call UFO sighting for what it’s worth. in fact, not long ago i was saying that i had never seen anything strange in the sky before, and then this happened. i’m just glad i googled it and it looks like numerous people have seen the same thing before.
i guess i should report this huh?

btw, i was staying at Murrells Inlet.

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