Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; December, 1997

Name: Gene

Date of Sighting: December of 1997

Location of Sighting: about 5 miles from Chattanooga,Tn

Further Description of Sighting: I can remember the details so clearly about my sighting. It was in December of 1997. My wife and I had just left the mall on a Saturday evening and were traveling on I-24 eastbound about 5 miles from Chattanooga,Tn.

The time was approximately 530-600pm the sun was setting behind Lookout Mountain and the sky had a slight orange glow to it. As I topped the hill past the East Brainerd exit I saw a silver horse shoe shaped object in the sky moving very slowly between myself and Lookout Mountain.

The ends of the object were glowing white as it seemed to be dispelling energy from those 2 endings. The dimentions of the object seemed to be 10′ tall by 40′ long. The object rotated 180 degrees and as I turned to my wife to ask her if she could see this, the object shot rapidly out of sight.

This left me speechless because I have never seen an object even similar to this or go from near motionless to out of sight in less that 5 seconds. That evening when I returned home I drew this object the exact way I remember seeing it and noted everything that happened.

The time length of the entire sighting was approximately 15 seconds. Right place, right time. I have yet to see this type of object again in the skys foreign or domestic.

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